5 popular celebrities on Instagram

Time on the social media does not fly; there are so many great selfies and others things that happen in such a small time. He celebrities on Instagram have a lot to say to the viewers about the things happening round the year. No matter how much a person scrolls, the things are never ending and this adds up to the thrill and excitement of social media. These are the things that hold up people on these networks and increase the popularity and thrill about the celebrities. There are many such famous persons on Instagram who have a lot of followers to see what’s happening in the life of their star. Top five of them are discussed in this article.

Selena Gomez

On the top of famous celebrities on Instagram is Selena Gomez. She has the total of 117 million followers on this huge picture sharing app. In the recent year, she again topped this list with the thrilling stuff she has to share with her loyal fans. In the beginning, she did not have a much successful career on Instagram but by the time the number of followers, as well as the loyalty, has increased. Great perks are provided to the viewers when you Buy Real Active Instagram Followers.

Ariana Grande

She is on the second rank with 103 million followers. In between the stops of amazing Dangerous Woman tour of Ariana Grande, people are enjoying the small moments shared by her. The people who could not get the ticket for the tour are following it to see her performing and other stuff being shown there. .7

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift who is another great singer is on rank third with 100 million followers. This year because she was working so hard on her new album, the low profile has been kept on her Instagram profile. Still, the performance is really great by going up to the 100 million followers who are eager to see her songs and other personal stuff through this great platform.


The first hit on social media by Beyonce was when she got pregnant and revealed it through a pregnancy shoot. She has sustained this popularity by maintaining 99.7 million followers. Now she shares a lot of stuff about her fashion shots as well as the pictures of her personal life with her husband and twin kids. This is enough to grab the interest of a lot of people who are interested in her personal life and want to grab a look on her anniversary tour.

Kin Kardashian

She has 98.1 million followers on Instagram with the glamorous stuff she has to share. Along with the shots, she is also posting a lot of throwback pictures with the family. This makes a lot of people interested and she gets to have real Instagram followers.

These were the most famous celebrities on social media with the maximum number of fans. All this is made interesting with the fun stuff shared by them.