How to arrange cheap travel to Russia


Travel to Russia following Ibn Battuta steps, is quite expensive for the travelers, but many travel agencies are found in the world which arranges cheap travel packages to Russia. They provide special packages to the individuals, companies and corporations for the travel with families and for business purpose. You can find places to stay and hotels for dining.

Travel tips to Russia

Getting there

If you want to travel for a long time, you can arrange your trip to other European Countries and then take a flight to Russia through Russian railways. If you want to travel to different cities in Russia, then you must book your tickets online in advance so that you will not be in the problem at the time of departure. You can enjoy these beautiful sites with ease by arranging tickets and pathways. You can book your tickets without the agencies fees payment through several procedures.

Staying there

Most of the hotels in Russia are not luxurious, and they do not provide the facility of the kitchen to the customers. Tourists have to arrange the cheap staying facilities in the Russia to enjoy for a long time. Most of the hotels in Russia charge $100 per night which is not affordable for everyone. You should select the hotels for a stay which provide the facility of the kitchen themselves. It saves the cost of dining at the restaurant. You can manage your stay in Russia in this way. Grocery in Russia is not expensive. You can do Grocery shopping in Russia at very cheap. This will make your travel affordable if you want to stay for long period of time.  You can make breakfast at home during the stay so that you can spend your money on other enjoyment aspects. You can take lunch at Russia at very low price having two or three courses of meals in any pub, restaurant and bar. You can get business lunch in the Russian hotels and restaurants.  Business lunch is targeted to the business people who come for the meetings and lunch breaks in the restaurant. These restaurants provide quick and fast service to the people with low-cost meal.


Russia includes the places for the visitors to enjoy the visit. These places may include Alyosha Statue in Murmansk, Kazan Cathedral and  Lake Baikal. These place attract the visitors. Smaller cities offer the free or low-cost things to the visitors. You can simply walk on the roads and observe everything on the roads such as famous buildings in Russia. Most famous Russian places are free of cost without any charges for the travelers. Metro stations, heritage sites and parks are free to visit for the tourists.

Many western-style clubs are expensive and suitable for the budget of the rich people. When you go to the limited budget, you cannot go to these Western style clubs. You cannot afford the drinks and bar on these clubs. In small cities, multiple bars and clubs exist with very low-cost drinks and bear. The youth of the western people can enjoy at these clubs.