Nifty Alternative Uses For Lip Balm

Let’s face it; lip balm isn’t just reserved for women anymore.  You will readily find it many a man’s pocket, vehicle or gym bag.  Even kids often carry lip balm.  Well, in addition to protecting our lips from the elements, there are many unique other ways you can put your lip balm to use.  Check them out below.

Protect Your Pooches Paws

You can easily keep your dog’s paws protected from frozen surfaces by coating his pads with lip balm before taking him outside.  The moisture acts as an invisible barrier between your dog’s delicate paws and the potentially serious snow, ice and salt.  Plus, the camphor that is found in many varieties also helps to soothe your dog’s paws and helps heal minor abrasions he might have.

Fast Relief For A Tender Nose

A week’s worth of sniffling, sneezing and non-stop blowing usually leaves your nose quite sore and red.  Don’t worry; you’ll find quick relief by applying lip balm to those sensitive areas.  The waxy balm serves as an invisible barrier to lock in much-needed moisture and keep dryness at bay.  Youll feels relief within seconds after applying.  This is perfect for your kids, as they would much rather rub those noses instead of blowing them once they start getting too irritated.

Stop A Nick From Bleeding

What’s worse than kicking your leg or face while shaving?  A telltale trail of blood, toilet tissue or bandages.  To avoid that post-nick bleed, after washing away any oozing blood, dab a thick layer of lip balm to your neck and leave it there.  Its smooth waxy base seals the cut while ingredients like menthol, vitamin E, and aloe soothe the cracked skin in a flash.

Keep Hair Dye From Staining Skin

No matter how much you love the results of your home color treatment, many women (and men) are often left with traces of dye around their hairline, ears, and neck.  To prevent this from happening whenever you dye your hair, apply a generous coat of lip balm along your hairline, to the tips of your ears, and any place on your neck where you usually get splashes of dye, BEFORE you start to color.  The lip balm will block stray liquid from streaming down your face and neck, and keep it from staining your skin.  Once your done coloring, just wash off with a wet cloth, or while you are rinsing out your coloring product.

Remedy Flyaways In A Pinch

If you fall victim to static cling hair during the dry winter months, no need to hide your mane under a hat.  Just slip into a restroom and use your good lip balm to calm down that flyaway hair.  Simply rub some lip balm first onto your fingertips then work your fingers through your dry, staticky ends.  Blister on the Lips conditions and seals hair follicles that have been stripped dry by the cold weather elements.

Head Off A Pesky Hangnail

Another irritating occurrence that usually happens during cold weather months are those dreaded hangnails.  Dry, cold weather can wreak havoc on your sensitive cuticles.  This year, you can not only treat them quickly, but you can also head them off at the pass.  To use, lightly moisten your cuticles with water then glide some lip balm over the areas.  The balms waxy consistency seals in moisture, keeping the skin from drying out even more and prohibiting a painful from forming in the first place.

Lift Mascara Smudges In Seconds

If snow, sleet or rain has left your mascara in a smudgy mess, there’s no need to look like a raccoon for the rest of the day or night.  Just take out your good lip balm and spread a dab onto your fingertips, then apply to the wayward makeup.  Rub in gently and remove with a dry tissue.  The oils in the balm are gentle yet amazingly effective at removing most makeup mishaps.

Instantly Repair A Scratched CD or DVD

Ok, while this one is completely unrelated to skin or body care, it’s a tip most people would love to know and use.  If you’re was breaking out your favorite holiday CDs or DVDs and find that one of them is scratched and won’t play you guessed whip out that good old lip balm.  Skipping and freezing are tell-tale signs that the disc is scratched.  To fix your disc, remove from your disc player and rub lip balm across the surface.  Then buff thoroughly with a soft, clean cloth.  The waxy consistency of the balm will gently polish away those scratches and divots in most cases, allowing you to enjoy your movie or music. There you have lip balm it’s not just for lips! View more at