Top food security measures in 2017

Food security means that every person has access to the freshest and quality food. The availability of the safe nutritional food. Food security is the physical and economic access to food, which meets the need of the people. A household is food secure until every member of House has sufficient food to eat. People having enough food to be active and for a healthy life.

Today the food security is affected by many things such as the water crisis, climate changing and the dry lands. It is becoming a major challenge in the recent years. The increase in population is also affecting the food security, people are changing their diet, want to rich and processed food. The demand is increasing day by day.

 There is two type of food insecurity:

The chronic:

The chronic food insecurity means that there is a lack of minimum food to the people for a certain period of time. Reasons for blackness can be poverty, assets lackness, not having resources are all called the chronic food security.

The acute insecurity:

The acute food insecurity means there is a sudden lack of food or in the production of the food. Difficulty in accessing the due food fluctuations in food availability. This called the acute food insecurity.

Food security matters to all:

Food is the fundamental right. Everyone need food for a good and active day. Yet the world has developed a lot. Still, there is one man in a day who go hungry. The lack of food can cause many problems in them, lack of iron, vitamins can lead them to many serious diseases.


The following are the food measures that are being taken to achieve food security:

Nutritional security:

In the past, we give attention to calories, but now the time is to look at the balance of crops grown and consumed. The balance between the two will help to erase the starvation.


The biggest and important measure that they have taken is the adaptation of the technology and improvement in the farm efficiency. As now the farm are transformed on the commercial level the farmers need the knowledge and new skill for up-gradation. The new technology will help in the form of machines and fertilizers due to which the growth will increase and as well the production.

Diversity in crop:

The condition for the food security is the availability of the food. Some countries are sufficient in some products and deficient in others. Consumption pattern changes have increased the demand for many food products such as meat, vegetables, and fruits. For this, there is a need to increase the crop diversity and improved the activities to produce these crops in which we are deficient.

Giving loans to small farmers:

For the food security, there is need to produce more crops. One measure that has been taken in 2017 is giving loans to the small farmers to produce the seasonal crops. In this way, the availability of the crop will be increased.